Vieux is influenced by the great drummers of his time Ibrahima Boka Camara, Soungalo Coulibaly, Moussa Soumah, Mory Toure, Nabi Camara di Bassilo, Karim Dollar, Mamady Keita and many more. His teachers were many and based around the villages of West Africa. He spent much time in Guinea, the spiritual home of the djembe, but also feels the influence of Sabar (from Senegal) and Reggae music very strongly.

In Reggae, Vieux has played with the love of Nyabingi, the Jamaican derivative of the African roots music. He shares this passion with many local artists and friends of Reggae, reaching out to unite the cultural divide through the music that defends us from Babylon.

Vieux collabarates with many other world musicians; he is great friends with the outstanding singer songwriter John Blood, and hopes to play more with John and his band in future.

Vieux is an accomplished bolon and krin player, instruments at the heart of the ‘musicale’ tradition. Using the same key ingredients as the djembe based rhythms, Vieux weaves magical sounds with these instruments and they are perfect for collaboration with other styles and genres.

He is also part of local latin/african music group Ushwya with his good friend Rob Newton. Here they are at the Leamington Peace Festival in 2010:


Vieux’s debut album is now available to buy.