Previous Workshops

Vieux is a world class workshop facilitator, working with clients from Japan to Korea to France and the UK. We can provide all instruments and work with you or your clients to devise a site specific piece or series of workshops. We are the experts!! Relax and enjoy.

Vieux has taught workshops at festivals including Womad and Drum Camp.

In 2011 Vieux worked as part of the Our Choice programme in Coventry providing weekly classes for teenagers, building towards a city wide showcase performance.

Here’s some of what Vieux got up to in 2010:


ABC was fantastic! Here is some footage of Vieux teaching drums for a Dance class.

Drum Camp
YEEHHAAHH!! Drum Camp is well known for its atmosphere and excellence on the world music scene. Vieux performed again in 2015.

Tribe of Doris
The oldest and most loved of all the summer camps, Vieux taught doundoun at Tribe of Doris 2010 as well as giving his incredible talent and energy to the dance classes and performances through the week.

Drum Roots Event with Tanante

There is footage on our Galleries page. The fabulous Tanante teamed up with Hamana and other fantastic West African Musicians to create an amazing day of workshops and performances in Manchester on 26 March 2011. Artists included: Vieux, Nahini Doumbia, Iya Sako, Diene Sagna, Tanante and Hamana.